You can submit your music to us either via our SoundCloud or via E-mail.

– Soundcloud

– Click the ‘Share’ button below the waveform on the desired sets/tracks you wish to submit to us.

– A box should appear with three options at the top – ‘Share’, ‘Embed’ and ‘Message’. Select the ‘Message’ option and start Typing ‘Sema4 Recordings’ into the ‘To’ field. Our name should appear, and when it does, click it.

– If you have no more information to add other than the link to your sets/tracks (which should already be present in the field below ‘To’), press ‘Send’.

– Done!

– E-mail us 

– Upload your track(s) to a one-click hoster (such as WeTransfer, or Dropbox) or your own webspace.

– Create an email containing a link to the files and any other information you think we might need (track names, interesting facts on the tracks etc.)

– PLEASE include your name, return e-mail address (if different) and/or a daytime contact telephone number.

If you have followed all of the above please send your tracks to:

again replacing AT with @.

Please allow a decent amount of time for us to reply to any track submissions. It takes time to listen and consider any offers we may decide to give!

Thank you.

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