Out Now: SEMA4038 – Prospekt – Granite / Switchblade Remixed

Label newcomer Cynical Gene and veteran Hostile Product step up to add their signature touches to the remixes of Granite and Switchblade with nothing but full on Drum & Bass and Dubstep warfare. Available now from Juno and all digital stores.

Online shop reopened

After a lengthy wait, we have completed the move of the label back into the EU. You can now order physical products again from our online store located here.


Greg Sema4

Slow Release Schedule

Due to the ongoing Charity EP, we have a backlog of releases that may take some time to get out to you. As it stands, I would expect one release a month at the current rate.

We do apologise for any inconvenience, but its all for a good cause.

  • Greg Sema4

New Signing: D Flect

D Flect, hailing from the UK, has brought us two tracks of moody, atmospheric beauty that you can almost ‘feel’. Release date TBC, so check back for more info. In the mean time, have a listen below:

  • Greg Sema4

Upheaval…but we’re still with you

The last four months have caused a lot of turmoil for Sema4 Recordings and its associated artists. I just want to reassure you we are now running as normal, with four releases scheduled.

Don’t worry, buy Sema4 🙂

– Greg Sema4

Out Now: SEMA4037 – Prospekt – Granite / Switchblade

Prospekt takes it deep and raw on this release, available now from Juno all good digital stores.

Out Today: Warriors of Sunshine – Moral Justice / Jakten (SEMA4036)

After a long delay, Warriors of Sunshine have released their debut single, Moral Justice / Jakten. It’s available as a digtial download  as always from Juno and all good stores.


Delivery delays

Between now and the 2nd of November you may experience delays in delivery of physical goods. Unfortunately this is beyond our control.

– Greg Sema4

SEMA4036 – Warriors of Sunshine – Moral Justice / Jakten

After a long delay, Stavanger duo Warriors of Sunshine’s (made up of Prospekt and Nybes) highly anticipated first single, Moral Justice / Jakten will be released on the 26th October as a digital download from all good stores.

Have a listen!

Out Today: Prospekt – Ten Years Of Prospekt (SEMA4035)

After ten years of production, from his first release in 2005 to 2015, Prospekt has explored several genres, and has put together a collection of his finest works. To celebrate this, a CD only release is now available cataloguing releases up to the start of January 2015.


1. Crontab
2. Soulitaire
3. Satellites Restore Ground Level
4. Deep Down
5. Sunday (ft. Nybes)
6. Games (Jon Kennedy Remix)
7. Second Generation
8. Balcons
9. Moral Justice (as Warriors of Sunshine)
10. Zodiac (as Blueski)

You can get the CD over at our BigCartel store, priced £4, or to celebrate 10 years of production from Prospekt, get his 10 Years of Prospekt CD for £1.50 with any purchase from our BigCartel Store by entering the code “10YEARS” at the checkout.