Here you can find a repository of mixes recorded by artists signed to Sema4, with an aim of showcasing the talent we’ve picked up along the way. More and more will be added as they are received, so keep checking back for some quality sets 🙂

NB: The sound quality of the mixes vary quite considerably. Some have been recorded live in venues, some from damaged CDs and tapes, some with original low-quality bitrate encoding, and some from mix hosting websites (downloaded with the DJ’s consent). Regardless, enjoy!

Al Pack – Ledge Sounds Guest Mix
Blueski – Live Session @ 4314 Studios (05/09/15)
Blueski: Live on Numbers Station Copenhagen (16/01/18)
Cynical Gene – November Neurofunk Mix
Cynical Gene – Snaaserie 04 Promo Mix
Cynical Gene – March Promo Mix
Hostile Product – Unititled Mix (31/07/12)
Jon Kennedy – Tuktuk Sounds Mix Vol 29
Jon Kennedy – Mix 4 Kult Mag (21/01/15)
Mystic Trip – September Mix ’13
Mystic Trip – October Mix ’13
Mystic Trip – Soultunes Guest Mix 2013
Nakes – Twenty Mix June
Nakes – Phaze2 Sound System Mix (B0omtown Special)
Nephilim – Drumology Radio
Nephilim – Spare Thirty
No Sunbeds – Promo Mix Delta 9
Prospekt – September Mix (26/09/15)
Prospekt – Short Vinyl Mix (15/09/15)
Prospekt x Sema4 Recordings Promo Mix
Prospekt – March ’13 Minimix
Prospekt – April ’13 Minimix
Prospekt – May ’13 Minimix
Prospekt – Consecrations Mix ’08
Prospekt Guest Mix & Live Phone Interview 06/02/18 on MeditDnB Sessions FM
Prospekt – Live on STFU Records Takeover (Afterdark Radio)
Prospekt – Dubstep Studio Mix ’07
Prospekt – Live @ Hush, Prague ’07
Prospekt – Live on Sub//Audio Radio (10/10/07)
Prospekt – Live on Sub//Audio Radio (08/01/08)
Prospekt – Live on Sub//Audio Radio (22/01/08)
Prospekt – Live on Sub//Audio Radio (25/03/08)
Prospekt – Live on Sub//Audio Radio (Last ever show) (29/05/09)
Prospekt – Live on RE:VERSE Radio (12/05/11)
Shock Tactix – Vinyl Mix June ’12
Thorpey – Diggit Bristol 7 Promo Mix
Thorpey – Trashed Mix
Wagz – April ’14 D&B Mix
Wagz – Thirsty Ferret Mix

If you come across any dead links, please send us an email at info@sema4recordings.com. Cheers!

Ledge Sounds
Phaze2 Sound System
STFU Records
Afterdark Radio

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