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Out Today: Warriors of Sunshine – Moral Justice / Jakten (SEMA4036)

After a long delay, Warriors of Sunshine have released their debut single, Moral Justice / Jakten. It’s available as a digtial download  as always from Juno and all good stores.


SEMA4036 – Warriors of Sunshine – Moral Justice / Jakten

After a long delay, Stavanger duo Warriors of Sunshine’s (made up of Prospekt and Nybes) highly anticipated first single, Moral Justice / Jakten will be released on the 26th October as a digital download from all good stores.

Have a listen!

Out Today: Prospekt – Ten Years Of Prospekt (SEMA4035)

After ten years of production, from his first release in 2005 to 2015, Prospekt has explored several genres, and has put together a collection of his finest works. To celebrate this, a CD only release is now available cataloguing releases up to the start of January 2015.


1. Crontab
2. Soulitaire
3. Satellites Restore Ground Level
4. Deep Down
5. Sunday (ft. Nybes)
6. Games (Jon Kennedy Remix)
7. Second Generation
8. Balcons
9. Moral Justice (as Warriors of Sunshine)
10. Zodiac (as Blueski)

You can get the CD over at our BigCartel store, priced £4, or to celebrate 10 years of production from Prospekt, get his 10 Years of Prospekt CD for £1.50 with any purchase from our BigCartel Store by entering the code “10YEARS” at the checkout.

Out Today: Nu Hype Crew – Take It Back / Raindance ’93 (SEMA4034)

The Norwegian breakbeat hardcore crew drop their first release on Sema4, two fine old skool cuts of early madness. Grab it over at Juno or any good digital store.

Vinyl Repress: SEMA4014 – Prospekt / Hostile Product – Deep Down/The Source Dub

A limited number of SEMA4014 – Prospekt/Hostile Product – Deep Down/The Source Dub vinyls will be released in October, in celebration of their first split EP five years ago. A limited number of vinyls will be pressed and available from our BigCartel store. More information to follow!

– Greg Sema4


Out Today: SoundCycles – Transformation / Don’t Say Goodbye (SEMA4033)

SoundCycles returns for his second release on Sema4, this time bringing two stunningly beautifully layered liquid D&B tracks. Grab it as a Digital Download from all the usual stores, and on vinyl from our BigCartel Store.



Nu Hype Crew, a breakbeat hardcore / jungle group consisting of Prospekt, Rovez and Ørjan Jørgensen, have put the finishing touches on their first release, Take It Back / Raindance ’93. It’s due for digital release two weeks after SEMA4033, on the 28th of September from all the usual stores.

Have a listen here:

Vinyl News

Unfortunately due to the poor performance of the Norwegian Kroner (in particular against the British Pound) we will no longer be releasing vinyl for the foreseeable future. When the Kroner picks up, we will resume pressing. SEMA4033 – SoundCycles – Transformation / Don’t Say Goodbye will be the last.

Sorry for the news, it’s disappointing for all of us.

Onwards and upwards, and fingers crossed for the Kroner to recover!

– Greg Sema4

SEMA4033 – SoundCycles – Transformation / Don’t Say Goodbye

This is going to be a big one!

SoundCycles returns for his second release on Sema4, this time bringing lush vocal-driven liquid D&B tracks. The release will be available from Monday 14th September as a Digital Download from all the usual stores, and on vinyl from our BigCartel Store.

Out Today: Wagz – Amnesia / Solitude (SEMA4032)

Wagz’s second release, Amnesia / Solitude drops today on Sema4. The don from South Yorkshire brings another two track release of pure liquid bliss. As always, grab it on digital from Juno and all the usual stores and on vinyl from our BigCartel store.