Where can I find you?

Here’s a short list of where you can find Sema4 artists playing in December and January. This list is by no means final, and if you have any information on who’s playing where, please drop us a line.

December 2014:

4th: Jon Kennedy: Cakeshop, Seoul, South Korea

6th: Jon Kennedy: Dada, Beijing, China

6th: Thorpey: Offmenut Records Christmas Bash @ Bodega, Nottingham, England

8th: Al Pack: TONY DATA, AL PACK, ESSEF, WOLFE DJ’S, BIRDPEN DJ’S, MATHS & THE MOON DJ’S @ The Cellar, Southampton, England

13th: Thorpey: Don’t Panic Unfortunate Typo Ruins Christmas @ Pure, Wigan, England

13th: Jon Kennedy: Cama, Hanoi, Vietnam

27th: Jon Kennedy: Roham, Budapest, Hungary


January 2015:

6th: Jon Kennedy: Doudoune, Val D’Isere, France

16th: Jon Kennedy: Nu Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia

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